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World map with search recognize your can use the map for works, for for trip directions.driving direction with traffic.detailed map of Europe, Asia, Africa, United States, Australia, Canada with capitals and cities.for phone and new roads.Capital Cities of Europe, Tirane, Vienna, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Budapest, London, Paris, Madrid, Moscow, Rome, Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, Stockholm, Sofia, Berlin,Riga, Reykjavik
Maps of countries in Asia. Kabul, Yerevan, Baku, Manama, Dhaka, Beijing, Tbilisi,New Delhi, Jakarta, Tehran, Tokyo, Amman, Astana, Ankara, Sana'a, Hanoi, Taipei...
Virginia, California, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, New Jersey, Tennessee, Mississippi, Hawaii, Montana, Indiana
Features:- map view.- roads.- you can find any address on the map.- look for streets and places.- browse any location.- GPS position marker.- maps of countries.- navigation.- alternative routes.- street view. - different languages.- clear graphic.- accurate.- useful for tourists.- quick and simple.- It's free!